Resume Critique



James’ resume is very plain, lacking personality and slightly confusing. To begin I think he should’ve made his name a header by itself on the page. I also believe he should’ve included an email address considering it was and still is a major form of communication.

Though objectives aren’t supposed to be long, his does not come close to making a connection with a certain firms goals and aspirations in an employee. His summary of qualifications isn’t bad, however I feel that he could’ve went into more detail and he could’ve been more personal with his qualifications.

James experience can get a little confusing at first glance. His titles as accountant and intern and the dates should be printed in bold to make the time lapse of events easier to understand. He does do well in providing specific details for the tasks. I feel he should’ve included what he has learned from each experience under each.

His education section is good, I do believe he should’ve included some references to people who can verify her knowledge considering he was on the Dean’s list and was a member of a couple groups.


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Resume Critique