Effects of WikiHow

When making a how-to guide on wikiHow, it is different than just making a how to list for a close person or even a different community. Finding a topic proved to be a slight challenge, because it had to be something that was specifically asked. We found one and it will differ from other ways of writing because wikiHow is a public forum and everyone and anyone is allowed to view it. Also, unlike a small bulleted list, we will be using graphics and steps that may be more detailed than we normally would because a specific task was asked to be described. I also would speak in a more formal language as I am not relaying information to someone that I know.

Wikihow also has tools to make the instructions more user friendly. It allows for adding of explanations that may be accompanied by photos, and spots for tips that allow you to expand on whatever it is you’re trying to explain. It allows for different categories on your page if what you are trying to explain is broad and needs to be directed down to a more valid point. You also are allowed a summary and videos. This is different because other how-to sites may not give you as many options and other how-to sites may be directed at a different kind of audience.


Effects of WikiHow

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