Analysis of Progress Report

The purpose of a progress report is to notify if any decisions have been made and if any actions have been implemented based on the decisions made by the proposal. These actions taken, are usually a work in progress and have not completed the desired results. They can follow different styles, being genres, and can either tell progress on a single project or progress on multiple projects at once.

There are many elements of a progress report that help reach the overall goal of reporting one’s progress to a specific audience. The first of these elements is the introduction. In the introduction, it is best to state what your report is covering and what is the purpose of the work being done. In my case, the purpose is to make business run smoother with a new system of operation at the front of the house. The purpose of it being done is to help all employees work go smoother, and to make customers satisfied. The purpose section of the introduction can be skipped if the audience is already familiar with the purpose of the work. This adds some variability to the genre.

The second element of the progress report is the facts and discussion portion. In this section, the person doing the report should state if their work is going as planned, and any results that have been produced. Any results that are desired and expected from the future progress should also be noted in this section. The progress report genre usually requires all work to be planned in advance. This allows for the facts and discussion section of the progress report to be relevant to the entirety of the work being done. Another type of variability offered in this genre is how brief this section should be. It is best to keep it as short as possible, but being able to choose which relevant information is included allows for some flexibility of the genre. An example from my report would be trying one of the new phone operating systems, and seeing how well the first system is working for all employees involved.

The third and fourth sections of the progress report genre are the conclusions and recommendations. The conclusions will report one’s overall views on the progress of one’s work. The conclusion offers the most variability for this genre. It can be placed near the beginning of the report, or the end, depending on if your project is on schedule or if work has fallen behind. Recommendations are one’s thoughts on how to improve the project or increase the value of the results. These recommendations can include any specific experiences found throughout the work, or can simply be a statement saying the project plan will be altered to better accommodate the results. The recommendation also offers flexibility in an otherwise rigid genre. It can be placed wherever one believes it to be relevant. One could report a problem in the Facts and Discussion section and then directly  offer a recommendation to solve that problem. These recommendations will help the reader see what has happened compared to what was planned.

The general tone of the report should be a positive one because you want to persuade your readers that you are doing a good job, even if things are going perfectly, leave out small details that are only detrimental to you. Though being optimistic, do not over state or lie, it is best to be straightforward so the reader can adjust their expectations appropriately. One can sound pleased and proud of their work in progress without over exaggerating.


Analysis of Progress Report

Mid-term Self Review

I believe that this technical communications class, though only halfway done, has helped me improve on many aspects of reading, writing, researching and technology. It has also shown me what I need more work at and steps that I could take to enhance those imperfections. I have always been fairly good at writing, but this course has taught me different ways to execute it, through websites, blogs and research assignments. It taught me varied methods of writing depending on audience or reader. It has also taught me new ways of interpreting things and relaying them in different ways. This course has helped me learn how to analyze what I’m reading and break it down to write a successful document.

It started with writing my resume and cover letter. I had a decent one and through the book and the peer review, it showed me how a good resume looks and showed how I format it could alter people’s perspective of it. It showed me that I had too many bullet points and I could take some out, and that some areas needed more details because to the reader it was to vague.

The professional website was something new to me. I had never made a webpage like it, and it showed me that you can put things on a site to display your interests, your resume and professional attributes to show a company or potential hire. I still need improvement on this because I am still learning how to work it and make it look appealing to who I show it too, and not like your typical myspace or facebook page.

The wikihow article was interesting too, because along with working with a group and getting other’s perspectives, it showed me how to use a language different that I’m used to. It required that we use a language that told someone how to do something, but with different tools such as pictures and steps and that is something I normally wouldn’t do. I think I could still use a little work, as with the professional website, I am new to working on pages for the internet, and I am still learning what is appropriate and appealing to the viewer and not myself.

The research memo was something new to me as well, and the book really helped me analyze my strategies and plan for my project memo. The group assessment was very helpful too because others were able to point out that the plan I chose was the best area for me. It helped me gain an understanding of what it takes to make or suggest a change in a different environment that didn’t only involve myself. I enjoyed reading about the steps it took to have a good project plan.

Overall there is still things I need to work on, mainly my skills in the technology sense, because it is new to me and I am not used to writing in an explanatory sense. I still think my analytical skills can improve and I plan on working on them on the next assignments. I believe my reading and writing is  good, but I can only get better. This course has helped me look further into researching, and actually thinking about what would need to be done to actually take a step forward in making that research a reality. I believe this course will help me in future careers and internships because it will help me effectively communicate via email, blogs and written documents.




Mid-term Self Review