Analysis of Two Component Report Genre

A two component report is generally presented to a company or individual and it aims to help detail a project or solve a problem to do this the writer usually provides informative and persuasive information and recommendations.

The report starts with an introduction called the executive summary. This includes the main point of the report, background information, statement of problem, statement of possible solutions and statement of any recommendations.

The body of the report contains a more detailed in depth discussion of results, steps taken in experiments. Some subsections include: introduction, evaluation, alternatives, methods, conclusion and recommendations. One can follow the format of a proposal report, an empirical research report or a feasibility study report.

The body of the report is made to be addressed to a secondary audience and written in a way that, even if the reader isn’t familiar with the topic, they will still understand what is desired. In my case, I am going to do a feasibility stray on the auto-mated phone system at my work. A Two component report will be best a t presenting to my boss my want for a more effective phone service because it will demonstrate all the needed information and highlight the important aspects of my proposal.

Analysis of Two Component Report Genre

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